Shear rhythm keratin reviews

Shear rhythm has become a one of the first salons in the area that would offer ridiculous discounts for their first clients. With $75 off your first procedure you could get almost free Keratin rebonds, which is like wow… But let’s see what the users says about their service with a bunch of reviews:

I’ve been an afro hair holder as long as I remember myself. Even as I was studying in school, it was looking like a piece of manure, only without the beetles crawling here and these. Despite washing it regularly, it was just a disaster, and so I never took out my baseball cap while outside. One of my friends have recently done a hair salon visit, taking care of her hair. As we touched that subject she had also advised me to visit their shop (called shear rhythm) and make a so called keratin treatment to make it look straight. I was hesitant at first, because I actually tried many things before and now I didn’t even have enough budget, but she said the salon was offering a $75 for their first clients, so I had nothing else than to give it a shot. My boy! How amazed was I when the hairdresser washed the treatment off my hair. It looked simply brilliant, and I couldn’t believe that I was now an owner of a beautiful hair! After drying it out, I have also discovered that it became smooth like silk, so I’m fully satisfied with their treatment.

I’ve been hearing about Keratin for quite so long, but never had enough budget to try it out. Being a single mother of two children I also had too much other things to worry about, but once it happened, as I was looking for a nearby salon to make some trimming, they have offered me a Keratin treatment with 75% off. So I said, what’s the catch? Apparently, there was no catch, and just a single day promo to attract more clients. Being thrifty enough, I grabbed their offer and sat for a couple of hours to complete the procedure. Once done, it felt like they have replaced my hairs and put someone else’s. I really cannot believe the whole thing was possible, but well, it worked just fine. When I got home, my children were amazed up to about the same degree…

Being pissed off with my afro locks, I tried Keratin treatment as my last resort, spending my last budget for the month. I really didn’t think that it would do any difference, and so I sat with my fingers crossed. After it was done, I became a different man – damn, it was awesome!

As you see, all of the reviewers have enjoyed this keratin hair treatment, so why don’t you try it out too? Take advantage of this promo and share the gift of beautiful hair with everyone around you!